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And now one for myself.

There is only one God who created man and the universe. He loves us all and only wants a loving relationship with each of us.

Or send us to hell for eternity. Reeeal loving.

He created a perfect atmosphere for Adam and Eve

And the serpent.

and had a perfect relationship with them until they severely damaged that relationship by sinning in the form of disobeying God.

Wait, who created the serpent?

This created a separation from God for all future generations.

In order to restore that relationship God sent His only Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins.

Why did he wait so long to do so? What happened to all the people born between the fall and the crucifixtion? Were they just shit out of luck?

On the third day Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to about 500 different people over 40 days.

Too bad he didn't appear to anyone who could write it down in public records.

God's only requirement for restoration and eternal life (as Jesus experienced as the first example and proof of what we can expect) is that we believe that He sent His only Son to die for our sins in our heart of hearts.

Why do you have to wait until death for this miraculous "restoration"? Why aren't you believers restored to perfection while alive?

In order to give no one an excuse, He gave us the Bible, personal testimonies, our conscience, the obvious proof of creation, and periodically exposing most of us to the Gospel throughout out our lives.

What? Where? I'm not seeing this proof anywhere. Show me.

For the people who choose not to believe He will simply respect the decision

Because he's so loving, amiright?

But, can you choose to believe in Santa Claus? No, you cannot. And I cannot choose to believe in gods for the same reason.

we made here on Earth and allow us to continue on to hell.

Wait, what? What happened to loving? Evil, that guy, if you ask me. Makes hisself all invisible, provides zero evidence, and then punishes us for doubting his existance? I guess your definition of "loving relationship" must be just a little different than mine, or is it "opposite day" where you are?

I'm begging each of you from the bottom of my heart to continue searching for truth in this world. Track it down, never stop researching. Keep an open mind to everything until it's proven impossible to you personally. If you do this with an open mind you will end up at the cross as I did.

Proven impossible? Is it impossible that there is an invisible pink unicorn in my closet? Prove it.

It's nonsense Justin, and nonsensical. There are no gods. To believe otherwise is to be delusional.
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