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Pardon me for using the word "Create", its not out of any stance "Creationist or otherwise".
Create means to produce something out of nothing.

Can you prove there was once "nothing"? Perhaps something has always existed, and merely transformed into our universe at the big bang.

BTW, atheists don't have any burden of proof upon their stance. We simply don't yet find any compelling evidence for gods, yours or otherwise. We don't have to have all the answers to how the universe formed, or the causal events that brought it about to reject claims of creation, because no evidence has been put forth that it is a creation. And, frankly, science has discovered so many wonderous things, previously attributed to gods, that turned out to have natural physical explanations, I can't hold out much hope that gods are necearry for the remaining mysteries of the universe.

Welcome to the fray!

You asked me if i could prove there was "nothing" then you said there Perhaps was "something", what is that "something"?

The possibilities are endless, and I do not pretend to know. Therein lies the difference between you and I. You do pretend to know. But you really do not know.

If a person is negating an idea that is well known and accepted, the burden of proof is on the negative. It is called the burden of accusation.
Before a person negates an idea he must have a solid basis on his negation of that idea. Lack of Physical proof doesnt count, specially for an idea which isnt physical.

Incorrect. That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. You have no evidence to support your claims, so I simply say to you "Prove it."

I've yet to encounter a theist that can.

As you said, Science has "Discovered" many things. It means it already existed before Science "Found Out" about it.

A few days ago, i didnt know you exist. Did i believe you exist? No, coz i didnt know you exist. But do you exist a few days ago? Yes. Put Simply, your non-belief doesnt mean God doesnt exist. On your side, he may or may not exist, you just dont believe that he does. Is it right?

Correct. I don't have sufficient evidence to convince me that gods of any type exist. Further, would such evidence be presented to me, I would in fact change my stance on the subject, much like you have about my existance.

As should be obvious, the atheist cannot prove there are no gods, just as you cannot prove there aren't invisible pink unicorns living on the road in front of your house. Yet, you carry on your daily life as if there weren't. It's the same for me and your god.

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