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As I was driving into work in the dark this morning, noticing the beautiful near-full moon beginning it's descent behind the glorious mountains, I giggled to myself a little. I tried to imagine a god, a god that is omnimax, watching over every thing and every body, and is every where all at once. A god that placed the moon, raised the mountains, created humans, and did all the other things that believers claim it does. A god that cares. And I giggled some more, in an empathetic sort of way, and shook my head. I feel sorry for believers. I feel sorry for anyone who ever believed, wondering what they've missed out on while they were participating in the god delusion.

Like PP, I've never been a believer, or at least dropped at such a young age that I don't recall. God belief is such nonsense. It's not intuitive, no matter what theists claim. It's limiting. It's false. It's just so obviously a work of fiction, I cannot fathom how anyone with half a brain can believe the sky daddy from hell really exists.
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