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I have read some Hitchens, Dawkins and Erhman, I've listened to debates with all of them and Sam Harris and others and have read up on Stephen Hawking.I love Hitchens, and Erhman and strongly dislike Dawkins.

Wow. That's interesting. I always thoughts Hitchen's would be less objectionable.

If the thread is about slavery I'm going to talk about slavery and if people bring up other topics I'll just keep pushing on with the subject at hand.

This is normal in every forum. You can simply say, off topic and if the side topic is interesting enough, somebody can spawn another thread.

Oh and yes, its o.k. if you dont reply to 20 walls of text.  :o

Alzael said he'd heard it all before anyway so it's kind of a waste of time.

Lol. You can say this with any argument about religion. Most of the theological arguments have been around for a long time.  :o I would not worry about his claim. If he's "heard it all before" and he feels like it, he will provide time honoured responses.
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