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Straight Men who have killed millions through-out the ages

Have you noticed that people who run pograms and mass murder rallies tend most of the time to have penises?

Let's see:

Hitler had a disfunctional penis as did most of his principle Nazi leaders. Most members of the SS had penises?

Stalin had a dick as did Pot Pol.

Ghenkis Khann had a rooster and used it on many women. We claim he has 2000,000 descendants in Afganistan.

The leader of the Rowandan genocide was apparently a Christian with a penis.

Idi Amin also had a slong, so did Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden, etc, etc.

Now, what is the significance of this? Should all people with penises have their balls crushed?

Or am I just spewing random facts out hoping you will draw idiotic conclusions?

Challenges for karma points -- Women who have caused the murders of many. Evil bitches from
hell ...
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