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Err... Where does it say that in the Bible, if you don't mind my asking? I am rather confused...
neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord ...

I don't understand the verse you provided in context. I agree, God doesn't make promises as one can for example see in the book of Job.

I'm not making excuses for my God. He does not need me. I need Him. My God is not inadequate. He can and does heal. I (and others) have experienced His healing.

The sort of healing you are discussing is I'm sure an emotional healing?

That is, you are not seeming to state that God makes the disease go away but that God affects the person in a positive way.

Taoists refer to this as cultivation. Naturally, people in other faith traditions experience this as well in their own ways. That is to say, you are attributing something to your God and those experiencing it get inspiration strength from the belief in the God but its not clear that is supernatural or magical.

I don't know the mind of God. I only know what He has revealed to me. His presence is unexplainable. His power, unimaginable.

This religious claim is interesting. How do we know its unimaginable? Why and how so.

Many claims about God, such as his being timeless have no meaning to us at all. They seem to just be words.

Everything good is God for (obviously) God is good.

This easily becomes circular. Whatever God does is defined to be good; e.g., Moses was told to keep slaves and thus slavery was "good".

We don't consider slavery good any more. Our society has moved beyond that, using logic one can attribute to Christ such as the golden  rule. (Note to the atheists here : I'm not claiming Jesus invented the golden rule; versions of it have existed before but he most definitely preached it.)

When man sinned, man broke the amazing relationship with God. Evil came into the world -- Satan took over.
God did not create evil. How can evil be the so-called misunderstanding of God if GOD is indeed GOOD?
It can't be...

If God didn't create it, where did it come from? Man didn't create it. For the tree to provide knwoledge of good and evil, evil already existed before eve ate the apple
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