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Pain is good though.

I understand what you are trying to say here.  :) I've met some amputees who impressed me.

Throught their hardship, their strength was shown.

That is, you are not "wishing ill" on people as some would think.

You may find Taoism interesting. This kind of thinking, mind flipping, adjusting, finding the positives, is inherent in that religion philosophy.

We can learn much through it. We can also let it turn ourselves spiteful however. Once you understand that this world is merely a trail grounds for what's to come, what exactly goes on here becomes so very trivial.

The bold is a logical reasonable statement for a christian to make. What's odd about Taoists, is, they make the best of what we have here and now. Some of them do this without necessarily believing in an afterlife. Some do believe in an after life.  ;)
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