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If I asked the question "Why are we here?" would you know what I mean by that? If god is not real, there would be no good reason for this forum to exist. Of course, the theists may say it is because they want the atheists to join them or something. The atheists may say they want the theists to stop believing in something that does not exist. They would argue until the end of their lives and when they are dead, they will know for sure if god is real or not....but they would still probably argue about something.

I can't speak for all of us, though I, myself, am not concerned with whatever gods or fabled creatures anybody wants to believe in insofar as that goes unto itself.    Believe in space hamsters and unicorns and faeries for all I care; believe in gods and spirits and ghosts and UFO's and bigfoot and the loch ness monster if it pleases you to do so.

Just keep your personal beliefs on invisible magic things the fuck away from the political platforms that shape laws and create administrative policies that have very real effects on billions of people.

You want to believe in leperechauns, that's just ducky; have fun with it.    Let's have wonderful discussions about what you think about leperechauns.

You want to regulate who gets medical coverage based on what you and other Leperechaunites think the Leperechaun King dictates as being right and good?   Fuck you, go die in a fire, eat shit, rot in a ditch, go drown in a sewer, get bent, eat a dick, get the fuck off my lawn, get the fuck out of my country and, while you're at it, stuff that bullshit Holy Leperechanite book so far up your ass that if I punch you in the nose I'll turn a page.

You want to believe in some god/s/ess?    Awesome.   I'd love to sit and have tea with you and have lovely discussions about why you think this and why you think that and why you believe what you believe.    It could be a glorious exploration of human interests.

You want the legal authority, based on what you suppose your godly god-thing dictates as based on the iron age equivalent of the Weekly World News, to criminalize people based on sexual preferences between mutually consenting adults, create laws preventing them from benefiting from the legal aspects of marriage status AS WELL AS determine that it's not merely ethically tolerable but ideal to psychologically and emotionally abuse, ostracize, condemn and alienate people for these selfsame reasons?

How about 'Go fuck yourself' with a side order of 'Take a piss on a powerline'.

You want to believe that there's this cosmic morality that you must adhere to?    Ok, so long as you're not hurting anybody else, practice whatever ritualized or elaborately complicated beliefs you like.    I'd be rather interested in learning why you think and determine such things as you do.

You want to radically alter the education system to exclude known venues of fact-oriented sciences in favor of teaching only that which supports the premise of your idea of a moral system and mandate obligatory conformity to its precepts and implied obligations?

May you be the first recipient of cancer treatment as researched by rigorous prayer sessions.

'Nuff said.
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