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Alright so first off if you were to start with the problem of evil, which is basically the backbone of the amputee argument, at least it seems. To say that you believe in evil, you are assuming a moral law to know what is good or evil, and to have a moral law means that there must be a moral law giver. Protest to this is welcome.
OK, I protest then. The concepts of good and evil have changed dramatically over the ages. Today we consider it evil if a parent kills a child for disobedience, while the Bible not only condones it, but demands it. Today we think genocide is appalling and we punish those responsible for it, while it was not just something quite common in the Bible, but a direct order and compulsory - if they're different from us, they must be killed or enslaved. And while slavery is frowned upon today, it was something god seemed to have no qualms about. Today we believe that a victim of rape is not responsible for it and we do all we can to keep them as far away from their assailants as possible, while in the Bible it's demanded they should either be killed or married to their assailants. We are also not very fond of animal sacrifice nowadays while only a few thousand years ago it was demanded of the chosen people.

Of course we have certain moral standards and we base our laws on them - but the key word here is 'we'. As we change, and with us our perception of the world, we change those laws and standards. We are the law givers. Are we therefore god?

Science itself has been since its origin been used to prove and disprove God.
Wrong. Science has always been a series of attempts of understanding the world around us and explaining its inner workings. It has absolutely nothing to do with proving or disproving god. It has become its side-effect, I'll give you that, but it's not its purpose, not even remotely.

But the true undeniable fact is that only the bible out of all religious text states things which have been proven correct by modern science. Such as in Job where it states that our earth hangs on nothing referring to gravity no visible by the eye.
Wrong. The Earth doesn't 'hang'. Gravity doesn't serve as a string, never has, never will. The Bible also says that the universe is water.

The bible tought you were to circumcise a boy on the 8th day they were living. And now modern science tells us that on this day only in life the chemical in the body which clots blood is at an all time high for all of their life.
Wrong. Circumcisions can be performed at any time in life without much fuss. The general recommendation is that it should be performed at least 8 days after birth (not on the eighth day, because that's the average time needed for the body to start forming Vitamin K. After that time (I repeat, not on that exact day) blood just clots better. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that after a week or so after birth male babies don't bleed as much when you chop off a part of their penis.

For many years humans did not have any conception of the amount of stars in the universe and not untill only modern science  have we learned that it is or almost is infinite this number. Yet thousands of years ago so
How the bible stated the number of stars is like the number of particles of sand on earth. 
There's a lot of stars. There's a lot of grains of sand. We use simile for all sorts of things. We say that people who have lots of kids breed like rabbits. Yet they don't have up to 12 kids at a time more than once a year, do they?

I can keep going if anyone would like but the evidence for not only God but the bible extends from science to historical, archeological, mathmatical, and more.
Oh, please, do keep going. While you're at it, explain how dragons exist, how people can survive inside whales and how those same whales are fish, how rabbits chew cud, how Pi is 3 and how you can cure leprosy with pigeon blood.

I would love to debate those other biblical stories that are scientifically accurate.

God loves us so that he suffered the greatest on the cross so we can be forgiven because as the creator of us he knows us, and he knows our human nature is evil.
He suffered the most in the few hours he was hung on a piece of wood? I find that statement arrogant, to be honest. There are people (whose existence is extremely well documented and proven, unlike god's) who have suffered for years on end, there are even stories of Christian saints who actually suffered far, far more than Jesus. Not to mention those who suffered far more and far longer at the hands of Christians. There is extensive documentation on people who were crucified by the Romans well before and after the supposed crucifixion of Jesus. How did Jesus suffer the most when he was just one of so many? There were two named in the Bible alone. They were nailed to their own crosses and died there - and weren't given the satisfaction of being taken off early, if I remember correctly.

Anyway, there are (insane) people who have themselves crucified today. Even more than once in their lifetime. Did Jesus suffer more than them? How?

If we're evil, we were created evil by that same creator you seem to worship so much. He supposedly made us. He made us flawed. Now he blames us for his crappy workmanship. I've used this comparison once before, but what the hell - would you consider it loving if a drug addict blamed her child, deformed by her drug use, for its deformity? 

Anyway, we were made in his image as well, at least that's what's claimed by Christians, isn't it? So god must be as prone to evil as we are.
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