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Massively excelent post kcrady.

is not something that I see men who wrote books in the bible at different points in time, could have come up with on their own, without collaboration.

Because there's no freakin' way the guys who wrote the later books could ever have read the earlier books, right?

Man, this in particular, you just HAVE to love.
You guys remember venomfangx, right, the youtube nutcase?
There used to be this video, which got conveniently lost on one of the occasions of him leaving youtube for good, where he explains that he first was a jew, then became an Atheist[1] and then discovered all these 'fullfilled' prophecies, was astounded by the fact that the people who wrote the gospels also knew how to read[2] and turned christian.
Seriously, that's the reason one of the most notorious creationist on youtube became christian in the first place ... because people who write can also read.

The world's calendar for example is based on His birth. Major holidays around His birth and resurrection.

The major holidays (Saturnalia, Easter, etc.) existed prior to their assimilation into Christianity.  The dominance of the Gregorian calendar in today's world is due to Guns, Germs, and Steel, not how awesomesauce Jesus was.  Native Americans: "Hey, this Jesus fellow was really great, wasn't he?  Let's toss our calendar and adopt his!"  Sorry, but that never happened.
 1. Because when you're an Atheist, god can't see you sin ... his words, not mine
 2. it's a miracle!!!

Isn't it funny that PH wrote his assertion on the day of the moon? Is he a moon worshipper?
And kcrady answered him on Wodan's day.
Hey, PH, what's your birthday? Hope it's not in the third month, because people might think you worship the Roman gods.

For instance, I'm writing this on Freya's day Janus' month 1010[3] of the year 2014[4] of the Common Era[5] at 810:1410[6] before the passing of the merridian.

So, the world's calendar, or today at least, is one part Norse mythology, one part Roman mythology, half a part Islamic math, half a part Hindu math, one part Christian mythology, two parts Science convention and one part Sumerian math.
(you'll notice I didn't assign credit for the 12 hour system ... there are just too many claimants to list them all)

Edit: annotation system seems to have gone wonky ... can't seem to get it to behave
 3. base ten is of course a Hindu/Islamic construct
 4. Yes!!! finally we have a part of the calendar that IS related to christianity
 5. seriously who uses that AD shit anymore
 6. How many minutes in an hour again? Oh, right, 60 and base 60 arithmatic, we owe to the Sumerians
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