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Would I be a Christian in an Islamic country?  That's up to God.  I will say that in recent years there are men in Islamic countries who don't know the gospel, who are claiming that Jesus is visiting them in their dreams and they are being coverted.
I haven't seen this debunked.  I will say that I don't know anyone personally, so I can't say for sure that it's true, but there are many stories recently about it.   

I've seen a number of these youtube testimonials and they always reek. The 'Muslim' that is being paraded in front of the camera always makes numerous mistakes against the quran or Islam in general. Most notably, the bolded part. Muslims are told in the second sura to go read the Torah and the gospels. This is not a "when you feel like it" sort of thing. Allah specifically tells them "Go read the Torah and the gospels!!!" The second Sura is refered to as 'the cow' partially because it's the sura that just keeps on giving. The second sura is more important to Muslims than the ten commandsments are to Christians. Vastly more important. If a Muslim knows anything about the Quran, 9 times out of 10, it's the second sura.
I sometimes work a 3 minutes walk from a nearly 100% Islamic neighbourhood. In the bookstores there, there are books aimed at all ages, from toddlers to adults, in Arabic, Turkish, French and English on the subject of Jesus. Jesus is an important character in both the Quran and the gospels. A Muslim not knowing Jesus is akin to a Christian going "Wait, Jesus had ... disciples?!"
So whenever a Muslim goes "I didn't know Jesus." He was either never interrested in religion AT ALL until he was preached to by christians (so he was never actually ANY sort of Muslim) or he's just plain lying.
I have actually followed the trail on a few of these videos and sure enough, every time, the same 'Muslim' appears as a Christian in videos, years older than the conversion video (which supposedly was of the 'breaking news' sort).
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