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First, his prophesies. If you know your bible, everything that God says, goes. there is never a maybe, it is solidly true.

Dingdingding, you are hereby the one billionth Christian that has claimed to be the only one who knows how to read the bible. Click here for your prize.
The events that he says will take place, are actually involved in the world today. you should know which, unless you want me to explain.

Please do, as there is not a single prediction in the bible that has come true (save those that were made after the fact ... I predict the Berlin wall will come down! Do I get a prize?

Now true science, and the bible, do not contradict, in the bible it says the stars are countless, many years before they had discovered it.

Tell that to a mathematician and he'll go into a murderous rampage. The number of stars is veryveryvery[1] large, but not countless.

it says that the world is round, many years before discovered.

A disc, it says ... yes, discs are round too but Earth is hardly disc shaped, now is it? For someone who claims to be correctly reading the bible, you seem to be rather illinformed about its contents

it even says how he suspened the earth in space out of nothing, not on some elephant on a turtle in the cosmic sea.

It also says Earth has foundations ... again, how did you in your perfect readage miss this?

You see you can't prove he is not real,

Neither can you prove that Allah is not real, or Thor, or Crom for that matter. Try to disprove Harry Potter, Santa, the Smurfs or UFOs ... can't be done, any of it.

if you can... then tell me how out universe was made.

Wow, a false dychotomy AND a god-of-the-gaps in less than a dozen words, we should have a trophy for that.

Can you say that the way earth was created or "made" if you don't believe , that it was made by accident?

Yes, it was an accident, a common one, judging by the number of planets we've found. Life seems to be less common, still, what does that prove? That Bob the uncreated magic superpixie sneezed life onto Earth?
 1. imagine a few billion 'very's
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