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It's late in the evening, Odin is having a jovial chat with Heimdall when the spot Loki coming home, grinning ear to ear, newly 'purchased'[1] castagnettes clattering along in his pocket.

Odin: By Me, Loki, do I WANT to know what you pulled this time?
Loki: Oh, nothing just a bit of harmless fun.
Odin: I remember the last bit of fun you pulled. Thor's beard still hasn't fully grown back. What was it this time?
Loki: Well, I went to Hispania ...
Heimdall: Spain
Loki: What?
Heimdall: Spain, they call it Spain now.
Loki: Yeah, sure, whatever, anyway, I go to Spain and well, remember that Yahweh fellow?
Odin: The Hebrew wargod? What of him?
Loki: Well, I switched the sign on some of the temples the various Yahweh sects use.
Odin: Good Me, you didn't!

The three of them look over at Spain and see Muslims worshipping at churches and Catholics going into mosques.

Odin: Ok, that IS kind of funny.
Heimdall: Yahweh is going to be pissed.
Loki: He can go cry me a river for all I care.
Heimdall: Hang on, you do remember what happend last time he did that.
Odin: And that's why we never invite him over to play kubb anymore.
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