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You have to wonder just how much mjød Bjorn the silly viking had in him when he came up with that story.

Silly Bjorn: So, there's this cow, right, and she's licking this dude ...
Contrarian Bjorn: A cow licking a guy? Bjorn, I don't want to know about your sex life.
Levelheaded Bjorn: Let Bjorn finish the story, Bjorn. So, Bjorn, why was the cow licking the guy?
Silly Bjorn: You see, Bjorn, the guy was ... covered in ... honey!
Contrarian Bjorn: Honey?! Bjorn, have you looked outside, this side of the 8th century? Seen even a single bee, have you?
Silly Bjorn: Nonono, I mean ... ice! Yeah, he was covered in ice, a whole block of ice! And then ...
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