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1.Why are you atheist ?
No proof whatsoever for any of the thousands of gods
2.How are you became atheist ?
Gruadual process starting at the age of 5. I was raised catholic, mind, and that's a fairly easy one to spot the insanity.
3.Where are you from ?
Belgium, near Mechelen/Malines
4.How old are you ?
too (38)
5.Do you believe in the afterlife (some atheist than I know believe to the afterlife) ? If no , can you explain why ?
Nope, everything we know about human personality is that it's linked to the brain, when the brain dies, the person dies. The End.
6.Did you read all the Bible ? If you read all the bible what biblical canon (catholic , orthodox , protestant etc...) ?
No, only bits and pieces
7.Did you read all the Quran ? (Yes I know that for Muslims if you read a translation you don't read the Koran).
I know the Quran says that it should only be read in Arab ... which is just one of the umpteen ad hoc rationalizations Muhammed pulled out of his ass when cornered. So, regardsless of what Muslims say, yes, I've read the Quran, cover to cover, in perfectly clear Dutch.
8.Did you read an other religious text ? If yes what is it or what are they ?
The Iliad
9.What are yours hobbies ?
Reading, scifi, fantasy and science mostly. Computer games, strategy, footy, management. Writing, when I get the time. Metal ... lots and lots of Metal m/
10.Can you define the goal of the life ?
To do right by my kids and give them every opportunity. (If you'd asked me this 10 years ago, the answer would have been different
11.Sometimes do you think ? I will go in Hell if god does exist.
As a phylosophical contemplation, yes. I'm sure that I've done wrong in the hypothetical eyes of quite a fow of the thousands of gods postulated and if any of them are real (and if they have a hell to go to) sure, I'm headed there ... good thing they're not real. ;)
12.Sometimes do you think that God does exist maybe ?
Sure, it's entirely possible that some sort of god shows him/her/itself today ... so far however, no proof whatsoever.
13.What do you think about people who believe in monotheistic religions ?
The vast majority can't help that they believe what they believe. It was spoonfed to them as a child and they never thought about it. As a group ... some are ok, some are utterly insane monsters ... but then again, the same can be said for just about any group of people. Except maybe lawyers ... those are ALL utterly insane monsters ;)
14.What do you think about people who believe in polytheistic religions ?
Same as above, the details of the fairy tale they believe don't matter.
15.What do you think about people who believe in a religion where there are not god(s) ?
Again, the details don't matter, they still believe stuff that's divorced from reality.
16.Do you have an interest about philosophy to have answers about the life ? Can you explain why ?
42, the answer to life, the universe and everything. In truth, the meaning of life is different for every person, or indeed, every living organism. So, Douglas Adams' view is as valid as that of some prince who sat under a tree for a month or whatever. So, no, I'm not overly concerned with anyone else's views.
17.Do you fear to dead ? (I speak in a metaphysical context and about your friends , family etc...).
Yes, or to put it another way, I like being alive and would prefer to stay so for quite a few decades yet.
18.Do you like your life ? If you like your life , why do you like your life. If you don't like your life I would like to know the reason.
Have had a bit of a string of bad luck of late, so things could be better, still, they could be vastly worse, so all in all, I like my life, yes.
Why do I like it, I'm reasonably comfy and have awesome kids ... they're a bit of a recurring theme, what.

19.Do you dream to live in a world where there are not place for the religions ? If yes or no explain please.
Hell no! The way you word it, it would mean a world where religion is forbidden. People can believe whatever they damn well please, as far as I'm concerned, it's when they start basing their actions on the insane shit that I have an issue with them.
20.Do you think that politic is like religion ? Explain why this is not equal or not.
There are similarities, people will often stick to their political leaning despite everything. And when someone switches allegiance a lot of the same vocabulary is used. Though people will more readily change politics than religion. 
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