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Maybe the world ran out of True Believers to throw at us?

Mailbag's certainly been a bit tame of late.
*imagines Pianodwarf getting up in the morning, all excited, he runs downstairs.*
Yes! There it is! The mailbag!
He opens it and ... nothing. There's nothing in the mailbag. Not one damn thing. Not even a badly spelled display of Christian love, "Your all gonna brun in HEEL!!!8!8 Your just a bunsh og discussing eightyists!!8!"
Despondent, he tosses aside the bag and goes to make himself some toast. The face of Muhammed appears on his toast. This, at least, lifts his spirits some but his restrained merryment is cut short when two Muslims, peace be upon them, break into his kitchen and, screaming 'Allah Snackbar', set fire to the blaspheming toaster.
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