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Now, why is that? Why were so many things invented by priests, clergy, friars, etc?
Suppose you're a lower/middleclass child in, oh, say the 18th century, and you want to get into a life of science. You could go to university, except that's massively expensive. Books then, how about books? You get a bunch of books and educate yourself, except, books too are expensive, plus where would you find the time to read them, working 12, 14, maybe even 16 hours a day.
Becoming a monk/friar/priest ... now there's the ticket. You get a basic education for free! Reading, writing, Latin, maybe French or Italian! You're fed and housed and do some light work in return. You're not a burden on your families finances. And you have oodles of time to read and read and read. Plus, abbots usually saw the value of having well educated monks to rely on. So, as was the case with, for instance, Gregor Mendel, if you're bright enough, you're sent to university after all ... at the expense of the monastery!!! WIN!
Quite a few people, throughout the centuries chose a life of religion, precisely because they wanted to do science.

The stock of people available for scientific work while being a monk was further boosted by the practice in many countries that at least one child had to be 'in the church' ... regardless of whether the child eventually selected was particularly religious.
Why Catholics? Because Catholicism was for centuries the only available church to get into.

Now, does it matter if an idea is 'Catholic' in origin? For religious ideas it is essential. Transubstantiation is only true when one insists on being Catholic. When you're a Christian, it is true that Jesus is the son of god. When you're a Jew or a Muslim, this is false and the fact that he is a prophet becomes true.
However ... science is true[1], regardless of who discovered it. Does a ball fall any less towards the center of the Earth when dropped by a Sikh than by a Copt?
 1. Or rather demonstrable and repeatable
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