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Evolutionarily[1] speaking, if a religion were true, one would assume that there'd be some benefit from following that religion. Therefor, one religion would prevail. Anyone who started an offshoot would quickly find himself without the benefit and he'd be less ... fruitful.

So, looking at it that way, they're all male bovine excrement.

But, hang on, the theist will say, doesn't this show that RELIGION itself is beneficial?

Just because it gets copied from one generation to the next doesn't mean it's good. Religion could be (and I think I'm preaching to the choir here) and probably IS just a mind-virus that hitches along.

Re: Anthony ... I have yet to come across a really exhaustive god-list. If you google list of gods, you're burried in the results. For the purpose of writing fiction, I've used Godchecker and good old Wikipedia (that one has a neat listing of Armenian gods, which I needed at one time). Also, some lists include deliberatly fictional gods like Crom, Cthulhu and the FSM, right in there among Amon, Yahweh and Thor.
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