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Hmm... this one is very irrefutable I must commend you on your conquest for without it I could not share this.
Male + Female = Offspring

This is actually what Darwin couldn't quite figure out. Tall father, short mother, average sized children, right? Right?! This was a massive problem for his theory. If traits evened out every generation, they'd never be selected for. If that indeed was the way sexual reproduction worked, evolution would be dead in the water.
Except ... Tall dad, short mom, gives you some tall kids ... and some short ones. And to make thing worse, the kids of the short kids ... could be tall!
Darwin got tantalizingly close to figuring it out. But he did feel confident that in the future some elements of hereditry would be discovered that could carry traits that were not expressed. In other words, he predicted recessive genes. And all of that, because he intuitively got right what you got wrong.
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