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Gotta be a poe. Good money in that, probably.

Hmmm, the domain www.rentapoe.com is still free you know.

Guy in suit and tie standing next to a Jesus-fish-necklace-wearing-creationist (who suspiciously looks like Kirk Cameron)
"Do YOU find yourself losing the argument at every turn?
Tired of eating crow all the time?
Do YOU want to get back at THEM, but you're not sure how.
Then come to RENTAPOE.com!"
Switch to the same guy sitting in a fancy office.
"We'll friend them on FB and dumb crap on their timeline.
We'll flood their forums with long debunked tripe!
Tripe so tired that even YOU shirk away from using it.
But now you can watch them squirm WITHOUT any of the guilt. THAT's what we're here for."
Switch to different guy (same ironclad harido, though) in a lab coat.
"Here at RentAPoe we employ the latest in trolling technology to cheese off those darn EVIL-u-tionists.
We make a real effort to ensure that we only us the OLDEST claims.
We check Google to ensure that our claims can be debunked is under two minutes."
He pauses next to the first guy. First guy goes, "It will drive them NUTS! They will be screaming at their screens."
"And," lab coat guy says, "If you subscribe now, we throw in, not one, not two, but THREE tired old Darwin quotemines!"
Back to suit and tie guy, in front of the RentAPoe offices, nodding emphatically, "RentAPoe ... all the fun of trolling but none of the effort, leaving you free to converse with YOUR God!"
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