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See? That's the SPAG I mentioned the other day. You twist and turn the scripture around until it makes sense inside your skull.[1] Then, you convince yourself that,[2] since it makes sense inside your skull, this is what your god must have meant ... 27 translations and 152 copies ago. That guy on the podcast you originally posted does pretty much the same. He guesses at which errors were made in translation/copying and when he finds one that allows him to explain away the contradiction, that hey, that MUST be what his god intended. It's really no different from Harold Camping's predictions.
He arbitrarily assigned numerical values to words, arbitrarily applied calculations to them, arbitrarily converted the result into a date and arbitrarily picked a biblical passage that he linked to that date. And, yeah, the result of this chain of at utterly random steps MUST have been what his god intended. He guessed right at EVERY turn.

Funny thing is, you don't do this just with your own holy book, you do it with the quran too. You admire those who pray and observe traditions/laws but not those who pray and observe the tradition/law that all jews must be killed[3] ... which the quran says a number of times. So, you admire muslims, based on which verses from their holy book they ignore? ... weird.
 1. Though not necessarily in any one else's
 2. which is easy, since, you ... agree with you!
 3. I'll assume that this is what you meant with "extreme views"
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