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To be honest, that post would piss me off (and I think it has, I'm already pissed off, so I can't tell ;)).

It's idiotic, finding it idiotic has nothing to do with their faith. I have Christian friends on my Facebook mention God without being stupid. This is just regular bullshit that sounds deep and meaningful and is a wonderful representation of God, but actually poses no real relevence and is just meaningless drivel, but reminds me of the Bill Bailey gag about the lyric, "I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier".


You have a bad day at work, but it's all a part of God's plan. I would be interested in knowing God's plan for my day at work. I'm not going to be some whiny git about have a bad day, but I don't get how bombarding me with call after call with people talking down to me, getting arsey with me and generally being arseholes through out the day. Sure somebody would try to argue it could be to teach me a lesson, to appreciate something, but it hasn't taught me anything I don't know nor to appreciate something I don't already appreciate. It just means I walk out of work with a bad mood.

I think you rightly point out the flaw in all this. What about those with genuine problems, frankly, if God was real, I wouldn't expect him to stop me from having a bad day at work, I mean I am a reasonable human being - not like some people I have to deal with who would sit there and argue with God because their bath was ever so slightly too hot - I would tend to expect action where there's genuinely problems. See the issue is people try to use the mundane to make an anecdote about God, yet when it comes to something greater, they don't wanna know, because it challenges their faith.

But when people are defensive about faith or are offended by challenges to faith, to me all that says is their faith is weak and gives their stance very little credibility. A stronger Christian would have given a much better response than, "go away, I don't bug you". Granted I don't go out actively challenging Christians, but they can't expect me to sit there when they're preaching. Seriously, I post very little in the world of atheism on my Facebook and even when I do, I don't have a problem with people commenting or talking about it. That's because my position isn't so weak that I'm unwilling to talk critically about it.

If somebody actually made a bigoted remark, that would be different. "You atheists are going to hell to suffer for an eternity because you hate baby Jesus and I will be in heaven laughing at you for your ignorance to the true word of God" then I would have an obvious problem. Likely, if you said, "haha, that's a load of wank, serious bullshit there love" in response to the Facebook message in the OP. Granted I was thinking that when reading it, but like most, I have social skills.
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