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Just before the forum shut down I managed to get myself a job. I now work in a Call Centre for LG, but not working with anything cool like TV's or mobile phones, I provide customer support for washing machines, fridge/freezers, dishwashers and any other white goods. Good company to work for, staff are great, my boss likes me but there's not a lot of job satisfaction but on the bright side, at least we got proper training (technical included) instead of doing our job by reading from a script, it was a temp-to-perm job and last week my boss said I'm going permanent in mid January, so at least it's job security now. :) No more temping and I can be fussy with what I apply for now. :P

Also, got my gaming laptop repaired and prepared myself for Christmas.

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I got pregnant.


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secured a place and Scholarship at the Royal College of Music for undergraduate next year on Viola

Also very good news, congratulations.
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