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Whilst the forum was down there was some really interesting stuff on TV. I don't know how well known Derren Brown is outside of the UK, but he's an atheist who performs some pretty awesome tricks, he is highly knowledgeable in the world of psychology and exploits it for his profession. He also performs experiments on his TV shows, for example, setting up an experiment to prove it's possible to brainwash somebody into an assassin without the assassin being aware that they are one. He did a couple of 2 part shows that were really interesting, the first was to convince somebody the zombie apocalypse was really happening to inspire some key character improvements.

The other was 2 episodes to do with the power of the placebo effect, the first helping people overcome some anxiety disorders and the second, an attempt to explain how God works as a placebo effect and then giving an atheist a religious experience. It was an interesting program to watch. I don't know if these links work outside of the UK, but they're worth watching:

Apocalypse - Part 1
Apocalypse - Part 2
Fear and Faith - Part 1
Fear and Faith - Part 2
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