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Quote from: Joe
Perhaps the younger generation, raised on animation, aren't nearly as affected by the uncanny valley. It's quite possible that animated porn may be more effective for them.

Not sure if that necessarily applies. I mean there's been a lot of animation on the TV for generations and there's a lot of kids TV that has always been, and still is, live action. IIRC OAA is 18? So that sets us apart by 5 years, but I can think of what I was raised on, I can list cartoons I loved (Ed, Eddy & Eddy, Dexter's Lab, Danger Mouse, The Simpsons, South Park...yes, South Park prolly from the age of 8 or 9), but there is also a list of live action stuff to accompany it, that I also loved (Demon Headmaster, The Queen's Nose, some program I forgot the title on it (had a kid obsessed with David Attenborough), Goosebumps, Blue Peter, various kids' game shows, Skippy the Kangaroo, Round the Twist, Bottom (not a kids' show, but I was raised on it), Red Dwarf).

I don't know what kids in Portugal watched when OOA was growing up

Today's generation of kids, to my eyes there's a lot of crap, the only things I'd say have any worth is Spongebob...maybe My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, if you like something softer (because I think it's well geared for its audience, even if it has had the knock on effect of being loved by half of the internet). There's still plenty of live action shows to go around, but really...nothing that could compete with the Demon Headmaster (I'll probably think it's awfully written and poorly acted now I'm an adult).

But I get why you might make the connection - people who watch cartoons growing up more will not be affected by uncanny valley - I think it's logical, but kinda hard to say the two are related. I mean, I know people who grew up on cartoons and don't have a flattering opinion of those who are turned on by pixels (as they put it), I think he also referred to it as wanking over Micky Mouse. I don't know what his opinion would be if 1) Animated porn was the only legal porn and 2) How he'd feel about animated porn rendered to be photo-realistic. I'm only quoting something he said, it's not as if we had an in depth conversation about porn.  &)

I wonder with photorealism, does uncanny valley still exist? Maybe, somebody like Joe could answer or somebody else who couldn't be turned on by an animation (or cartoon or 3D render). Here's a collection of photo-realistic women:
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