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Is it naive of me to think that a mother giving up her daughter for adoption wouldn't want her to be adopted by paedophiles, even if they claim to be non-practising? Would you be cool with that, Albeto, if it was your daughter?

One could reword that question and discrimination laws would come into play.

Of course, I would prefer it if people were up front and honest about it. But ideally I would like it so a child would go to somebody who is loving and will not hurt them, regardless of any traits they may be born with and unfortunately, it's not an ideal world and it's not how people always see it.

Sexual attraction to a child does not equal child rapist nor does it mean they're leering sexually at the child. Of course, it's difficult to know, but it's difficult to know whether or not a heterosexual male is going to rape a woman or abuse her in other ways. Or for somebody sexually attracted to elderly ladies to go out and attack an old person. I suspect there are people sexually attractive to old ladies working in elderly care or looking after their own grandmothers, these people may not take advantage of old ladies in vulnerable situations or sitting there staring. I've never sat and stared at my own relatives, even those who aren't related by blood in that way.

And a mother of a child may not want their kid go to Mexicans, black people, homosexuals, liberals, conservatives, communists, atheists, Muslims, Hindus or whatever. Where do we draw the line when it stops being discrimination and an issue of the child's safety?

Of course, it would make most uneasy if a pedophile was taking care of their child, but I think the important question is not whether or not people are comfortable with it, but whether or not that person is genuinely suitable to love and take care of that child. Unfortunately that's the much harder question to answer because how much can you determine about a person? Even prejudices come into play, though ideally they shouldn't.
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