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You really are pathetic and dishonest. I just told you that it's not true and gave my personal example. I'm sure other members have similar opinions to my own. Yet you can't admit that you're wrong. That's just sad.


Joe's claim:

and boys use love to get sex.

I say fuck that shit. This may be true for a number of dishonest males out there, but what about males who actively seek companionship? It's not like it's free sex for life, generally it'd be easier with a one night stand, find a horny girl at a night club, bring her back to your place and 'bang her' as people phrase it. But one man's psychology does not apply to all men.

But what about me? The end goal for me has always been companionship and I think it's great and it's what'll make me happy. If sex is your goal in a relationship, then it is a shallow relationship, but if it's what the 2 of you want, you're 2 consenting adults, so do what makes the two of you happy. Different people are different, but it seems by your world view, when it comes to sex and relationships, there's no such thing as individual differences when it comes to the psychology of it.

But this thread just reminds me of (sorry for video quality):

If I found that one of my school teachers, no matter how 'hawt' she is took advantage of me, I would be angry about it. Heck, because my childhood and teenage years is a part of a period where I am developing emotionally and psychologically, the fact somebody would take advantage of me in that development process would anger me and no only that, but there exists the possibility that it'd harm some part of my developmental process, particular as I am coming into puberty trying to understand these feelings I would be having. For any age of consent discussion to my mind the cut off point would be based on when this period of development ends. Yes, such an experience has the possibility of psychologically scarring somebody. The woman who sexually assaults a kid could be the most drop dead gorgeous woman in the world, but that doesn't mean that what she did was right or even harmless.

If Brad Pitt fucked a 15 year old girl, I am sure there's a wave of girls out there who cheer her one, "OMG Brad Pitt???" but we'd not look to greatly on Brad Pitt for taking advantage of a young girl and I am sure the girl's father would be waiting to knock his teeth out too.
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