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Interesting thread, surprised I didn't reply sooner.

Also, Kin Hell, I keep thinking your name needs a F' in front of (F'kin hell), I think it'd be perfectly apt for a discussion on political discontent...or discontent in general.

I'm quite a big fan of Brian 'Yap' Barry's stuff. He was in an Irish Nu Metal Band called One Minute Silence and they were political in themselves. Once they split up, the lead singer, Brain 'Yap' Barry went on to join the performance poetry scene and became a 'slam' poet and his content is very political and he started up a project called 'Pink Punk', where he got involved with other folk and even doing some material with poet Kate Tempest (there's a story to follow below). Yap pretty much inspired me try write my own poetry, like that I posted in my writing thread a while back.

Here's 'Yapolitical', I think its 'message' is made clear, so I probably don't need to explain it.

On the note of Kate Tempest, I never knew her by name, because on the 'Pink Punk' album she's on, she's referred to as her old stage name. The students' union at the university I went to was running a spoken word event where the headline act was 'Kate Tempest' and they asked for my storytelling group to be the opening act and we tried coming up with material relevent to the audience (remember, storytelling is a 'folk' thing, so we kinda had to modernise our act and make it relateable). I was clueless as to who Kate Tempest was right up until the point I heard her do the sound checks and I was like, "no fucking way". Googled her to confirm my suspicions, ran over (after the sound test had finished) and told her how awesome she is, but probably sounded like a lunatic at the same time. It was a nice surprise.

It's not music, but this is Kate Tempest:

I feel I should finish with 'One Minute Silence', Yap's old band (which have reformed now). This one is to do with religion, so great for this forum really.

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