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I think you make some fair points Quesi, though I'm not sure I agree with all of them. I think the girl in the photo is good-looking, I don't think her pose or position would matter or what she was wearing, just for the simple case that I can tell from the image that she's a looking girl. Would I have a sexual fantasy about her? I wouldn't. Would I want sex with her? Well, she looks like she might be a mature 14 year old, so in that respect, that's a no, if that didn't matter, it would still be a no, even if she was begging for it. The reason, because I am not attracted to women simply for sex, I'm more interesting in companionship. Yes, I would refuse a one-night stand. ;) I don't think badly of anybody who has one night stands, because usually it's what both parties want, sex with somebody they think is attractive.

Does the image represent her sexuality? Probably not. We don't know this girl and we don't know what she's like. Does it represent the sexuality of those who think she looks attractive? I think only as far as finding women, like her, attractive is the extent it shows their sexuality, for what you've read into the photo, I don't think we could use the photo to determine that about a person. I reckon if she was completely clothed and didn't look as submissive I'd still she looks good. Those things you mentioned might appeal to some people who view the photo. If the photography purposefully captured her in that way, then you might be able to draw some information on his sexuality.

Whilst the girl on the surface is attractive and would have appealed to 14 year old Sepp, but we can only see what she's like on the surface and of course, as you rightly say, we know nothing about her sexuality. The way in which she has been presented may fuel somebody' sexual fantasy, where the fantasise about her sexuality, but I don't think every man who thinks she 'looks' attractive means they've done exactly that. One can find somebody looks attractive without being attracted.

I should also mention the type of women I'm most attracted to. Strong independent women, those with a bit of wit, are kind hearted and interesting, being a geek is a bonus. In terms of appearance, I would not say it's the most important thing, but it is a factor, whilst I wouldn't be seeking for the 'sexiest' person I can find, I'll be honest and say that I wouldn't go out on a date with Susan Boyle. I don't know what she's like as a person, but I don't think I would be attracted to her. I am sure there are men out there who would, probably men in her age group.

And I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder, in fact, many women men say are really attractive I think look horrible, I might even use the phrase 'grotesque', I simply would not find them attractive. Usually it's women who tart themselves up and try to make themselves attractive for the attention of men. If a woman has had a boob job, I doubt I'd be attracted to her either.

Also, on your note about the signals of women, I think you are quite right. I've spent a lot of time around women and not as some sort of uber-pimp, I just get along with them easily. Generally these things people are taking to be signals - even things I might at first see as being a signal are not, it's just them being nice, friendly or polite. I have a friend who is constantly bothered by guys, asking her out and even doing some rather creepy things and all she's ever doing is trying to be friendly and make friends, she doesn't want to go out with any of them.  But usually when a woman is interested in you, people tend to take it as being more than a 'friendly' interest, when it's just friend making.
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