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You ban them without a 2nd thought.

I call bullshit. The process of the forum is:

If a person is caught breaking the rules and it is seen as an issue they receive a warning from a mod. Frequently it's more than one warning.  Behind the scenes the mods are working out the best way to deal with it (before you ask how I know, I used to be a mod).

If they persist beyond all warnings they are sent to the ER where we're able to address their behaviour and decide whether or not they're capable of obeying the forum's rules.

If they can't (usually after much discussion) they are banned.

If they convince us they can then they're welcome back out of the ER. Recent successful ER case, NATHAN, a theist, admitted he was trolling the forum and showed interest in sticking to the forum's rules and engaging the forum in a positive way, so now he's on probation, which means he's free to post and engage in discussions but mods are keeping an eye on him to make sure he sticks to the rules.

If it was as you say, then why do you think you're still here?

You have an administrator who deletes posts he doesn't like and none of you will entertain the notion that you might possibly be wrong

Wrong again. HAL actually said why they were deleted when he deleted them. There is a RULE on this forum against preaching. You preach you may find your posts are deleted.

none of you will entertain the notion that you might possibly be wrong.

We do, but we do actually get a lot of people like you who are arrogant, who make inaccurate assumptions (sometimes offensive) about us, refuse to accept or abide by the forum's rules and try running us around in circles. We simply choose not to tolerate it. We occasionally get theists who contribute positively to this forum and some are given the benefit of the doubt because they're trying to get it right. It's intense here and not everybody likes it, but they don't have to post here - we make no secret of the level of scrutiny we attempt on people's arguments and we make no secret of the fact we hold people accountable for the things they say. The same applies to all, not just theists. It works for some people, it doesn't for others.

It's a simple case of, don't like the way things work here? Don't post. There's other atheist/religious discussion forums out there to cater for different types of people. Unfortunately it seems a number of the people who do end up banned don't want to admit they were wrong, despite the fact they've been shown EXACTLY where they've broken the rules. Many don't want to be accountable for what they've said and that's where many fall.

Allow me to list to you all of the rules you've broken:

Quote from: The Rules
No Preaching
Trolling other forum members, grudge matches, soap-opera dramas, and other actions that staff members deem to be designed to disrupt threads or provoke hostile emotional responses from other forum members will not be tolerated.
Discussion threads are for discussion of the topic at hand, not simply advertising one's opinions. As such, forum members are expected to back up assertions they make, and not engage in stonewalling, shifting goalposts, changing the subject, or employing similar tactics to avoid addressing points raised against their arguments.

So when you inevitably get banned, understand it's not because we've refused to the truth and are simply close minded morons who like to bash theists. Understand that you, like many theists before you have come here and thought you were too special to be exempt from how things are run. Though admittedly, we've only had few as poorly behaved as you.

Seriously, it's not that difficult to engage with this forum. Out of the recent bunch, Magicmiles was probably the one to do the best job. Heck, when there was s**t dished out he was still able to stand his ground. But he knew how to respect other people, he knew how to interact with other people and he tried to keep up with how the forum works and did well in avoiding breaking rules and kudos to him, when it came to evolution, instead of doing what a lot of people do (barking strawmen from their lack of understanding of the theory and being authoritive on it) he did his background research and asked us questions to try and make sure he understood it right. He was also able to have a laugh with most of the forum's members and was generally quite liked. As a forum this is more the kind of thing we would like to see.

But actually, we don't. Believe it or not, but there is s**t we end up dealing with and get pretty sick of it. If you don't get a positive response, there's a good chance you've done something. I understand that not everybody is reasonable all the time. Generally people here do say when they think a peer is out of order. Sometimes we allow people to defend themselves [edit] and therefore they don't need us sticking up for them.

But I know you won't respond to this with anything meaningful because usually you don't. Where anybody's tried using reason with you you've mostly ignored them or simply laughed and called them stupid.
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