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Could you convert your negative karma into positive karma for me? I would much appreciate it.  :P

Anyway, hang in there, you'll suss this community out eventually and you might understand where people are coming from more. I mean I don't think anybody here is perfect and at times some may be a bit hard on others, but any atheists and theists who stick around will make more and more sense of what we're like. Some are more explosive than others, but they've already explained their reasons. I know you don't agree with those methods and whilst I try not to use them (it's not who I am) but I respect the people using them and respect they're clearly conveying a point.

There's plenty of places out there that give you an easier conversation, if people prefer that, they're welcome to go there. I come here because I don't mind being held accountable for what I say and being scrutinised. It happens when I enter debates with other atheists on topics we do not agree on. The fact I am held accountable allows me to assess my own arguments more in depth. If they're weak, the weaknesses are staring me right in the face because somebody has taken the time to quote me word for word and explain why it's wrong.
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