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I want to discuss the male standard.

If you are a dude, you know what standards I mean. The words "man up" is a social institution worldwide. The standards men are given are unrealistic and most males fall flat and never achieve them. Why? Because no human , male or female, can live up to them. The standards are too damn high. Yet, I like it that way. Should this really be how it is? Maybe these standards are wrong and the only reason I agree to them is because I was indoctrinated into them and that the world might be a better place without them?
Most every human male has had a low point in their life. By the unrealistic standards of what a "true" man is, most of us are disqualified from the honor of being called "men." Yet, its this unrealistic standard that has given birth to the likes of Dr. Jose Rizal, Miyamoto Musashi and other "men" who have achieved that unrealistic standard in their cultural context. Granted, these unrealistic standards also drive men who have seen horrors that they cannot face in a suitably dignified manner into suicide. These same standards also allow most of us to look at a homeless man or a raped man and scoff at them for not being "man enough. "

When I try to look at it from an outside perspective, the male standard seems stupid. Men are not born superior to women yet men are expected to outperform them due to arbitrary shite. I am a dude myself and I know that it is irrational to think of myself as inferior to a woman if she is my equal yet I still do. I know that sounds stupid but I honestly believe that. Yet it doesn't make sense. Guess I'm just rambling now. Any thoughts on the matter?
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