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Once you understand that this world is merely a trail grounds for what's to come, what exactly goes on here becomes so very trivial.

Why should we accept that idea, tho? What is supposed to convince us that this life is supposed to be trivial instead of all that there is? If you're wrong, then you'll have wasted this single life that you have[1].

Surely you aren't relying on those 'miracles' you're say you've seen, since after-all:

He works in the confines of his creation and rarely goes to great lengths to contradict or inhibit that which he has set up.

So by your own admission, every 'miracle' you say you've witnessed could have just-as-easily been natural occurrences/coincidences that no god ever had any hand in.
 1. Yes, I reversed Pascal's Wager, so sue me. :p
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