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If he doesn't, then John 14:13 is a lie.

So are you calling your own god a liar?

No lie.  But you are interpreting that verse incorrectly.   You don't think that possibly, there are some things said that are not completely literal?  And this verse, that you don't like, is proof that God doesn't exist?  That's what you have as ammunition for Christians?  Do you want to go further into this?

"Interpretation". Funny word that, you can slap it on anything you don't like, so long as everything you do like is interpreted literally. Or do you have an actual method for determining which is literal and which is story?

I have one, of course; It's all story unless and until something can be verified. But if you wish to treat any of it as real and literal, why shouldn't the whole thing be treated as real and literal (from your point of view)?

But there are answers to all athiest's concerns/questions, that they use as proof that it's a silly notion.  We believe in the foundational truth of Creation, therefore a God.  And if there's a God, there's His account, the Bible.  And with a God, there's Jesus (remember the guy that changed the calendar and the course of human history?), and we have Biblical proofs of historical accuracy/prophecy.  It's NOT blind faith.

But, y'see, it is blind faith, because you need to rely on circular logic for internal consistency, and base all of it on  unprovable concepts, like the "foundational truth of creation", which is not only unprovable, but depending on how far you go with your version of creationism, it may even have been disproven by the sciences.

And now to reply to morsecodet

You're welcome to reply however you would like as long as you understand i know what i have seen and believe

The problem with anecdotes: Most people know what they've "seen and believe".
UFO abductees
Conspiracy theorists

But the evidence does not support them. There is nothing concrete to back them up. So, why should we believe them?

We shouldn't, just as we don't believe you.

I LOVE my God! He's amazing!

Now if only he weren't so... impotent. Maybe we would actually be able to see his actual work in non-vague ways. Hospitals would certainly be documenting a lot more "miracles" if that were the case.

i know you probably hear that a lot but in a very legit way everything else by comparison just does not compare

That's the thing about fantasy worlds - they don't have to conform to reality.

my God is an active of God of justice and righteousness and radical love...and i could go on

Active God of Justice and Righteousness and Radical Love.

we talk daily, have random adventures together

This is the point where I start looking at you like you're crazy. O.o

he cares for me quite well, helps me out with just about everything, spoils me rotten, brings me to new levels of freedom....i mean he tends to be far better than any God i would expect

How nice for you.
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