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It is not as if the hebrews had libraries or history books where someone could look up history prior to his lifetime and call bullshit on an outrageous story.  "Oh, you say we annihilated the Egyptians with plagues?  Well, it says right here in this history book that we were never in Egypt...!"  Didn't happen.  All they had was what the priests told them.  And if the priests came out with some new story about how your people so awesomely wiped out the people of say Jericho, you had no way (or reason) to refute it.
As I said to kcrady, dismissing Oral Tradition and written documents in the Ancient Near East is not scholarly. Your, and others, description of how information was kept and passed on in the Hebrew culture, or any culture in that time, are at great odds with the science. I realize that this perception is an important one for your viewpoint and not likely to be challenged but encouraged by most posters on this forum.

Joseph Smith told a wild story about Israelites living in the United states with Jesus visits and great wars between two Semitic peoples. Do modern day information passage modes have weaknesses where the ancients are flawless?  Were the Ancient Shinto, Hindu, and Muslim information modes more faulty than the Hebrew? Is that scientific?
I’m not sure why you’re going down this path except to distract from the other.

And Joseph Smith was an entirely different situation than Exodus. I look forward to an explanation of how they’re the same.
Screwtape made the comment that the people of the ancient mid east at the time of the supposed Exodus had few informational sources in which to contrast against the claims of their local priests. You then claimed that this was contradicting the Oral Tradition and the written documents of the era, implying that the Biblical histories would have been kept accurate by those. I replied that the modern examples of religious historical rewrites that show that the Oral Tradition and writings that are very clear and evident today are not sufficient to keep religious stories accurate, and that Screwtape was very correct in that local churches can mislead their flock easily into believing stories that are historically and factually untrue.
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