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jews are just as crazy as any religious group

Orthodox Jews cannot do work or certain physical tasks outside the home on their day of rest and prayer, which begins at sundown Friday and ends at nightfall Saturday.

β€œIt’s a major social inconvenience,” said Lea Geller, who dreads spending Saturdays indoors with her newborn while her family walks to prayer at the Pacific Jewish Center.

Yes, it is an inconvenience.  That is the whole point of it.  If you don't like it or don't want to do it, then here is my advice: stop being an orthodox jew!  Just be a regular, religious jew and do what you want.  Just go out and enjoy life and stop pretending you are some special class of person you obviously do not have the chops to be.

The way around these restrictions for some Orthodox Jews is an eruv – a Hebrew word for the symbolic extension of an area considered private into the public domain. An eruv is often created by stringing a line between man-made and natural landmarks to create an unbroken enclosure.

It is a ridiculous rule and they are trying to get around it with some stupid technicality.  Cripes, man.  Does being an orthodox jew really mean anything if you have bunch of extra rules and get around them all with  ridiculous loop holes?  How is the life of an orthodox jew significantly different from that of a reformed or liberal jew?  The answer: several miles of fishing line strung around the city.  Is that really what all the religious laws are about?  Finding clever ways to avoid them?

What a bunch of stupid idiots. 

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