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I addressed the "who's uterus is it any way" argument.  You did not like my analogy.

It was an inapt analogy with little merit.  We are not talking about someone in my house.  We are talking about someone in my body.[1]  The people inside it were not invited and are not currently friends.  Sure, I left the front door open and had a party, but I did not ask anyone to stay.  I was not planning on having guests and they require more food and attention than I currently have resources to provide.  All I am doing is kicking them out.  If they cannot survive outside my house, well, tough.  I am under no obligation to support them.

So, have I sufficiently demonstrated how poor an analogy and argument that was?

I suggested you try another, but you did not take me up on it.  So, I'll throw out another lifeline.  Try this: don't use an analogy.  Give me a straight forward explanation as to why a another person[2] has more rights over your own body than you do.

As for (me, me, me, I, I, I) complaint, I choose to write from a belief perspective because this subject is not science but philosophy, morality and opinion.

Science is involved, and facts do matter.  So leaving those out of the discussion does you no favors.  It means your opinions are based on nothing but how you feel.  And philosophy is more than just tossing around opinions.  You may not know it, but philosophy is extremely rigorous.  A philosophy student does not get to just say "I feel that I am a brain in a jar".  No, no.  You get an "F" for turning in that paper. 

The question is not one exclusively with a yes or no answer. The question of whether something should be conferred rights is philosophical. 

I do not disagree with any of that.  Again you seem to have missed my point entirely.

Sorry ep, you apparently cannot give me what I am looking for.  You've made your opinion known, repeatedly, and I think that is the best we can expect.  So please pardon me, I am going to bow out from our discussion now.

 1. I'm a guy, but let's personalize this and say my body.
 2. we will suppose for argument's sake that a developing fetus is a person.  That is not a concession.
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