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But if I told you, "Please prove that the Bible is NOT the Word of God," you would scream, "Unfair! Prove it is the Word of God!"

But, it's fair to say "Prove uniformitarianism wrong" instead of saying "Prove it right?"

Something is a miss here and doesn't quite add up on the fairness scale....

That is not even in the same categorical ballpark and it is a dodge. 

If you are going to posit that the laws of the universe change, cough up the data.  You should be able to measure the rate of change, explain the mechanism of change, and why you would even think they change in the first place!  I'm open to it.  No one has said uniformitarianism is 100% incontrovertible.  If it is false, it means certain things.  You should be able to predict that and find evidence.  As I have said before, I want to believe what is true.

So far most of what you have argued has been an attempt to say "we don't know anything at all, thus every conclusion is as good as every other" in an attempt to put your religious ideas on par with science.  Do you realize that demolished your own arguments? 

Sorry, Sunny Jim.  That's not going to fly. 
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