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soooo... expressing my view is preaching... but your view is what exactly?

No. Expressing your view and discussing it in factual terms is not preaching.  Saying gobbledigook and then either not responding or responding with more gobbledigook is preaching.  The language you use does not lend itself to actual discussion in concrete, rational terms.  The language you use is language often heard from the pulpit.  And not much two-way discussion happens around a pulpit.  In fact, it is a lecture, and often the content of it is simply designed to evoke emotions but is otherwise meaningless.

"His eyes are too pure to even look upon sin," is a nonsense statement and contradicts other traits you have claimed of god.  What do you mean by "purity" and why does that quality make god's eyes allergic to looking at people not doing his will?  What is with the human obsession with purity?  Pure iron is a poor material.  If you "taint" it with carbon, nickel, chrome and several other elements, you get stainless steel, which is far, far more useful.  If god is an incorporeal entity - ie, a spirit - then how does he even have eyes?  And as I already pointed out, if god is omnipotent, how is it that sin is such a powerful talisman against him?  What are the ramifications of that on omniscience and omnipresence? 

And to top all this off, you statement is impossible to either verify or negate, by your own definition.  We cannot put god in an opthamologist's chair, show him some sin and observe the reaction.  You may as well be describing the golden harp Jack found in the giant's house when he climbed the beanstalk.  It is gobbledigook.  If I asked you how you know these things, I'd get more gobbledigook. 

You've not thought about any of this because your statement was not a claim about reality.  The content is mostly irrelevant even to you, because it is not about content.  It is about declaring what team you are on.[1]  So, what your statement about god's eyes really boils down to is you have a belief in a belief and this is a rather opaque way for you to express it.  "god's eyes are too pure to even look upon sin!"  Translation: "I think this idea of god is really awesome!  Go team theist!"  How nice for you. 

But two things override that.  First, this forum is not a platform for you (or anyone else) to broadcast your sincerely held beliefs.  Second, this forum is for discussion, and your commentary does not lend itself to a two way communication.  Which, to close the loop, bears a striking resemblance to the emanations from a pulpit. ie, preaching.

 1. http://lesswrong.com/lw/i6/professing_and_cheering/
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