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Seriously?  How about you take responsibility for yourself?  If someone close to you was killed and the police executed some random person whom they and you both know did not commit the crime, would you really consider that to be justice?  Or if you were the random guy executed for someone else's crime?

That can not work because no human is innocent.

WTF?  Have you lost the thread of the discussion?  Because your sentence there has no bearing whatsoever on what was said prior to it.   

This is why animals were sacrificed because they can not sin. They are innocent. Since all humans sin, you can not use a human as a sacrifice. The dirty can not clean the dirty as I mentioned previously.

First of all, that is wrong.  Hebrews sacrificed people on occasion.  Isaac, Jephthah's daughter, and 450 priests of Baal.

Secondly, if animals are innocent and remove sin, then why did we need jesus H at all? 

Do you see the crazy circles you are going in?

This is why Jesus was CLEAN. He was free from sin. A pure and perfect sacrifice.

Therefore...jesus was an animal.

Killing babies is murder, which is a sin.

So what?  Sin- shmin.  You get to have your sins forgiven.  You would do so much good by killing boat-loads of babies and send them directly to heaven.  And they you would be forgive, because JESUS.

No, that is bigotry.

No, that is prudence.  Putting people in charge who could not care less about life and the world is suicidal.

I would never murder anyone.

That's debatable.  You've already said you would kill your children if god asked and you made a case for killing children just for the benefit of sending them to heaven.  So, your non-murder credentials are shakey at best.

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