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So just like I thought.  To say God does not exist is an argument from ignorance as well.

It's not.  You still haven't stopped to take the time to understand what an Argument from Ignorance is.  Maybe you should do that before getting your back up and taking this whole thing so personally. 

Y'all ain't going to catch me in this web. 

Nobody is trying to catch you in a web.  You have created your own web by misinterpreting what an Argument from Ignorance is.  We are trying to help you out of it.  You are being rather stubborn in your refusal to accept help.

I would think boots could handle this one w/o everybody ganging up on me.  I'm not going to argue with 3,4,5 people at a time here.  This was really between me and boots. 

Nobody is ganging up on you.  If you read the posts with a mindset of friendship instead of assuming belligerence on our part, you would see people are falling over themselves to help you.

NoGods I'm not being defensive to be defensive.

You kind of are.

This started because of a smite I got. 

I've counseled you in the past to ignore the Karma.  You take it personally and should not.  If this were a widespread problem, I'd turn off the Karma system.  But you seem to be the only one with a problem.  I wish I could help you.  I do not know how, though.  Tell me, junebug, how can I help you when you will not help yourself? 

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