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You believe dinosaurs thought .  lol  So we only have 150 years left,you have no proof of that.  IMO,When humans are done here only bacteria will be able to survive and I doubt they do much thinking either.

Of course I have not idea whether dinosaurs thought.  If pressed, I'd say they had thoughts like chickens have thoughts.  And of course I have no proof that homo sapien will only take another 150 years to eradicate itself.

How to miss a point entirely, jb.  There is literally no trace of my point in your reply.  My point was you were making your conclusions from a very specific perspective.  You think all of history pointed to us, because this is where you/ we are.  But you are not grasping that your perspective is so dependent on this moment, as if there is no future.  As if nothing will ever change.  As if the story has ended.

If you could have interviewed a dinosaur, it would have said pretty much the same thing about dinosaurs you said about people.  "We are the pinnacle of evolution," it would say.  "All those other creatures before us that failed are just evidence that the universe wants us, needs us, planned for us.  It cannot be a coincidence.  Praise the Holy Pteradactyl!"

Of couse, that dinosaur would have had no idea what was in store for them.  Just like you have no idea what is in store for us.  The story is not finished.  It doesn't end until the sun explodes or the heat death of the universe.  Dinosaurs ruled for 150 million years.   We have only been around for a couple hundred thousand.  For all you know we are just a stepping stone for the next awesome organism, which, if it could talk, would be able to say :

It was no coincidece that the humans were wiped out, our kind could not have survived as well with such smart predators hunting them down.  We would be more like rats hiding underground to keep from being somebody's supper.  I see no coincidences here at all these are things that could only be accomplished by a brilliant, compassionate and loving Creator/ the force that holds it all together.

And of course, your perspective assumes we are the Chosen Species and not some more robust creature like a [wiki]tardigrade[/wiki].  Maybe Adam was a waterbear and we were just one of the animals he named?

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