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That's silly though. Pink unicorns are physical entities that would be able to be proven. God is not physical. You can not use science to show God. Science is for physical.

Nope.  unicorns are spiritual.  You are thinking physically.  When talking about pink unicorns you have to think spiritually.

This is why these analogies to the FSM and IPU are nonsense.

You only say that because you follow a false religion.  If you followed a True Religion you would know better.

None of those are spiritual entities.

That, technically, is blasphemy to Pastafarians.  Be grateful they are peaceful people and tolerant of your insolence.

[People claim the FSM is physically spaghetti and meatballs. But spaghetti and meatballs can not think and they take up space, so the FSM has been disproved.

So not true. 

Unicorns can not think either. They are physical.

You have no proof of this. To support your claim, show me a physical unicorn.  And I don't mean that one horned goat Ringling Brothers was hauling around.

Edit:  Wait.  Are you saying physical things don't think?  What about people?  Are we not physical?

It sounds much simpler to believe in God.

It is simpler to believe in myths than to understand actual reality.  That does not make it right.  Just lazy.

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