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cops in Austin, Texas arrest a woman out jogging for not providing ID. 

Gun owners, is this the government tyranny you think your guns are supposed to protect us from?  If so, then where the fck are you guys?  If not, then what the fck is tyranny?

You don't want to know, you just want to tell me I am wrong.

You're wrong (ha).  I do want to know what gun owners are thinking when they say things like that.  I've had this conversation with Dante before, so he has an excellent excuse if he wishes to abstain.   

But I am also trying to make the point to them that these things they say are bullshit.  They don't mean it.  It is just a justification for doing what they want to do.  I've read the comments of dozens of op-eds and news items regarding guns.  All the guns guys are all "I'm ready for the revolution!" and "better stock up on bullets for when the Obamunists come for you!" blah blah blabbity blah.  Aint no one ending any tyranny as I can see. 

NSA collecting every conceivable piece of information?  Check.
Free Speech zones?  Check.
Whistleblowers called traitors? Check.
Crackdown on protest?  Check.
Every major city has its own SWAT army? Check.
Wall Street wrecks the economy and no one prosecuted? Check.
People arrested and dragged off the streets to jail for not having ID? Check.

So.  Either gun advocates who use that argument do not think this is tyranny OR they are full of shit.  I am just trying to figure out which.  I am pretty sure it is the latter.  But I'm asking.  If I recall correctly, Dante considered it time to go shoot himself some politicians (and ostensibly cops) when elections were officially cancelled and "they" were coming for his guns.  It's always when they come for the guns.  It is never when they come for the press or the artists or the whistleblowers.  Anyway, I think that is rather a high bar and never going to happen. You can have a tyranny without taking the guns and cancelling elections.

See, I do think we are living under tyranny.  But it is a soft tyranny.  It is not a kick-in-your-door kind (unless it is, like many of the links in this thread).  It is more of a we-can-do-whatever-we-want kind, justified by security.  I think something needs to be done.  I would prefer it be on a political level.  In fact, I think it has to be.  But I hear all sorts of noise from the gun people about being armed to prevent this sort of thing. 

Anyway, all that is more for my gun fail thread.  This one is about our militarized police.
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