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As I mentioned, there are many documented miracles, a basic google search can pull those up.

what, you mean like these:

There are several problems.  One is trying to figure out which are bona fide miracles and which are not.  Most xians - heck, I'll go out on a limb and say ALL xians - would say none of these are real miracles.  They'll suddenly become skeptics, like us, and explain how they are coincidences, baloney, frauds, or just weird things without explanation.  You will get many say "it was the DEVIL!!!"  But when it comes to alleged xian miracles, ho ho, well then, every friggin last one of them is the GEN-U-INE article.  Rubes. 

It is so easy to see how every single religion in the world is a preposterous fraud, except your own.

However, the explanation still lies as the crux of the problem for the skeptic.

No, son, that is not how it works.  There is no requirement to provide an alternative explanation when the one at hand is inherently loopy and bereft of evidence by definition.  A lack of an explanation is better than a stupid explanation.

Since "God did it" isn't an acceptable answer, the skeptic must hold to the belief that science will one day explain...

No, son, we don't.  We understand that the human species will never know everything.  There will always be questions and mysteries.  That is just how it is. That does not mean an explanation does not exist.  Nor does it mean ghosts and goblins are at work.

Because with anything else, there is no differentiating your viewpoint to the belief in Magic, fairies, other religions, Shamans, and wishes.
Sure there is.

The correct form would be "sure there is.  The way to tell the difference is..." and then provide an explanation.  Your answer is a slightly more literate version of "Yuh-huuh."

Seriously, Why wont God heal amputees?
I don't know.  Any attempt on my part to answer that, since I've never witnessed it, would be pure speculation.

That's a cop out.
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