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Dr. Lisle: In the Christian worldview, we should indeed love others as ourselves. We are all made in God's image.

?  that's no motivation to be nice to anyone.  If I'm god and you're god, why am I not more motivated to demand your fear and supplication than to love you?

But if other people are just chemical accidents of nature, it makes no sense to treat their gain as my gain.

We are chemical accidents, but that is a gross oversimplification.  We are chemical accidents that have been programed by natural selection to to be social for our benefit. 

You are stealing from the Christian worldview to support ideas that make no sense on your own professed worldview.

Nope.  Human morality evolved.  Religions manily just record the morality of the day and try to institutionalize it.  Religions are conservative mechanisms of society in that regard.  As such, their morals always lag behind the morals of a culture.  To paraphrase kcrady:

before jesus H: slavery A-OK
after jesus H: slavery A-OK
after Appomattox: slavery NOT OK.

And note, they've still not updated their holy books to reflect this improvement. So xianity is lagging at least 150 years behind culture in this regard.

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