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I see God as Power/Pure Energy. 

pure power/ energy only exists in sci-fi and comic books.  Power and energy are abstraction, mathematical ideas created to make some predictions easier.  Without getting too mathy, energy is a force (also an abstraction) applied over a distance.  Power is the rate at which energy is used.  They are not a substance. Here is a picture of energy:

"But I only see a horse pulling a plow?"
Exactly.  There is no glowing, pulsating ball of light and electricity.  Energy is what we call the effort of the horse used in pulling the plow.  The faster the horse moves, the greater the rate it delivers energy.  This is exactly where the term "horse power" comes from.  1 hp = 550 ftlbs/ sec.  That is, moving 550 lbs one foot in one second.  (Or 1 lb 550ft in 1 sec, or some combination thereof).

I would estimate that you getting your buns off the couch after three hours of Hee Haw would expend about 1/4 hp.  Still no glowing ball of light, crackling with electricity.

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