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And you might note that they used a stun gun and beanbag rounds.

You say that as if it's a good thing.  The guy was 95 years old.  Who'd guess he'd die from that?  Pretty much everyone except the stupid cop.

And are you telling me a strapping young officer, trained in a plethora of martial arts (or should be) cannot figure out how to disarm a geriatric patient of a knife without shooting him with bean bag rounds and 50Kilovolts?  If not, he should not be a cop.

Are you telling me three of them together could not figure out a way that would not end up with one or more person involved dead?  If not, they should find other jobs.

Are you telling me that someone in charge of police tactics could not think of a better way to handle this type of situation "by the book"?  If not, our police establishment needs a complete overhaul (it does).

And I'll have to dole out another link:

cops taser naked 11 year old autistic girl.  I cannot put in print what I think should be done to this half-man in a police uniform.  It involves chains, a utility knife and several elephants.

I think cops use tasers too freely.  I think they should never use a taser since they sometimes cause cardiac arrest.  But if you cannot ban them outright, then I'd say they are appropriate when a blow from a baton is warranted.  Is it warranted to strike a 95 year old man with a baton?  Fuck no.  Is it warranted to strike a naked 11 year old autistic girl walking down the road?  Fuck no.  So why do they do it?  Because they can.

This is where I kind of buy into the gun-nuts argument about having guns to protect us from the government.  In this case by "government" I mean "police".  While I think the loons who protest with assault rifles strapped to their backs are assholes, because they are, I would understand if Occupy protesters showed up packing due to the levels of police brutality they faced.  It would be justice of a sort, I think, for all those cops in riot gear ready to curb stomp some hippies to suddenly be facing the business end of about 500 guns.

However, we all know how that work out. See link below for more on that.

Do you have a bias against police officers, screwtape?

Absolutely.  I didn't used to, though.  It is a recent thing.  Has to do with our increasingly militarized police force and how the law allows them to more or less kill whomever they like without consequence.[1] I'm not the only one who thinks that.  TomDispatch.com  has numerous essays on police militarization. 

Add to that how post 9/11 the entire country has been more or less happy to throw away their civil liberties for a smidgen of perceived safety and you have a recipe for me going paranoid.

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 1. http://www.salon.com/2013/07/07/%E2%80%9Cwhy_did_you_shoot_me_i_was_reading_a_book_the_new_warrior_cop_is_out_of_control/
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