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I am not sure what SW wants.

I think he wants every event studied to be reproduceable, not just the underlying principles that predict them.  For example, If you have a hole in your wall and a .38 cal slug lodged in your other wall, it is not enough for you to conclude some idiot across the street shot a bullet through your house.  No, no.  You must actually shoot another bullet at your house - or possibly many bullets to make it statistically significant - to show this is what happened.  Relying on Newtonian physics and materials science is not enough.  Understanding trajecotry and how lead deforms is not enough.  You must recreate the event perfectly. 

Similarly, it is not enough to observe fault movements during earthquakes to extrapoloate shifting tectonics.  You have to reproduce continents in your lab.  You cannot know enough about genetics, chemistry and DNA to understand how they reflect ancient history.  You must reproduce in a lab what took millions of years to do in nature. 

It is a hypocritical level of skepticism.  He's hyper critical when it comes to science, but he completely drops it when it comes to his stupid religious beliefs.  Not only that, he carves out an exception for them.  Scientific ideas do not apply to them.  They are spiritual truths. This also applies to stories in the bible.  Sure, Adam lived 900 years.  And SW needn't reproduce that in a lab.  You need to prove otherwise.

This is what makes him such a twat. 

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