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ah a tenant  I see.... so your ideas pay rent to stay in your head? sweet deal!

Your pedantics aside, yes, beliefs should pay rent.  That is, they should model reality in some way and pay off in terms of making accurate predictions.  If they don't, then they are freeloading and should be evicted.  They are at best useless, at worst, dangerous.   

For example, you may believe that putting fertilizer in your garden causes the Flower Faeries to come out and make the plants blossom.  Further more, you may believe the Flower Faeries are invisible and able to leave no tracks.  Thus, the Flower Faeries have no impact on your anticipations of how reality will behave.  They are just a more or less harmelss, if stupid, belief.  It does not pay rent. 

However, sometimes people believe other things.  They may believe that their faith in an Abrahamic god will be sufficient to cure their child of an infection.  This belief would cause them to forego medical treatment and antibiotics.  This belief impacts how they expect reality will behave.  It is dangerous.  It does not pay rent.

Why would you want free-loading beliefs like those occupying space in your mind?

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